Manuscript Submission

In 2013, ISAS transitioned to an online presence and away from print resources. This "green" emergence includes online article submissions. All approved manuscripts are published open access to the ISAS website and are searchable by author, title, and year.

The Division Chairs serve as the Editors for their respective divisions and manage the process of manuscript from submission through the review and approval process.

Your manuscript will be submitted to at least 2 reviewers. You may suggest reviewers by providing their name, affiliation, and email address.

After approval, receipt of revision, and author approval of publishing format, and page charge payment ($50/page for members, $100/page for non-members), the corresponding author will receive PDF copy for any desired self-distribution. 

If you would like to submit an article for publication consideration in Transactions, please complete the form below and attach an electronic copy of your complete manuscript, including figures and tables, in MS Word or other editable word processing format.

ISAS Transactions Manuscript Submission Form

Please complete the fields below and then upload your manuscript. All fields except those noted with (optional) are required.
  • Manuscripts will be blind-reviewed by at least 2 individuals. You may suggest reviewers. Provide name, affiliation, and email address.  

  • Available for any special notes you wish to make to the Editor upon submission or your manuscript.
  • Normally 3-4 typed pages generate 1 publication page. Members @ $50/page. Non-members @ $100/page.

    1. All tables and figures must be incorporated into a single word processing document.
    2. Higher quality images may be requested prior to publication.
    3. DO NOT include punctuation, other than spaces, periods, hyphens, or underscores, in the file name. 
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, odt, rtf, wpd, pages, gdoc.