My Membership Options Page

Note there are 4 membership options, the first 3 which automatically renew each year unless you deactivate this option in your PayPal account.

We are in the midst of changing our membership database. Consequently, PayPal will not be able to return to your Profile page. Note that you will receive an error message.

Instead, you within 24 hours you will separately be sent your login credentials in a message that details changing your password. We also encourage you to complete your profile at that time.

You can always update your Profile after logging in from the upper right of the screen where your display name will show once logged in.

Note, for those planning to attend the upcoming Annual Meeting, when registration opens you will be able to pay 1-time, non-renewing annual membership dues and your meeting registration fees all in one step, as well as processing multiple memberships and registrations in a single form.

Regular Membership Subscription - $45/yr

Student Membership Subscription - $22.50/yr

Family Membership Subscription - $67.50/yr

Lifetime Membership - $675 one-time payment

If you prefer to pay by check and have your membership entered manually, you can download our membership form and mail your payment and form to our Springfield, IL, Executive Office.