Keynote Address 2022 – Dr. Jocelyn Lanorio

Dr. Lanorio is an organometallic chemist at Illinois College interested in the development and application of transition metal complexes in catalysis. The goal of her research is to address the synthesis and reactivity questions using a combination of spectroscopic techniques such as multinuclear NMR, UV-Vis, and FT-IR spectroscopy. She teaches Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, General Chemistry, CHEM Senior Seminar II, and Organic Chemistry. 

COVID: Carrying Over Valuable Instruction Developments –
Virtual Instruction and Research for Undergraduate Students in Chemistry

In her keynote presentation, Dr. Lanorio will be demonstrating the chemistry activities she developed during the pandemic. Assisting Dr. Lanorio will be two of her students, Emma Green (Chemistry, ’24) and Myles Genrich (Biochemistry, ’22).