The Illinois State Academy of Science recognizes that racism, gender discrimination, and implicit bias exist within the scientific community, creating inequities that obstruct the advancement of science and marginalize valued members of society. The Illinois State Academy of Science has a responsibility to espouse diversity, equity, and inclusion across all Academy activities. This includes membership, administration of student grant awards, participation in the annual meeting, and council leadership. Without an intentional commitment to these responsibilities, we cannot fulfill our mission of “promotion of scientific research, diffusion of scientific knowledge, and unification of scientific interests in Illinois.” 

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine  has made a commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive scientific community (  We join this critical effort and establish our commitments below: 

The Illinois State Academy of Science will seek diversity. Historic and current obstacles constrain participation and success in science for many. We will remove those obstacles and welcome novel perspectives that drive discovery and innovation, and embrace a comprehensive understanding of identity. 

The Illinois State Academy of Science will propagate equity. We will promote access to science for all, providing positive environments in all Academy programs and events. The Illinois State Academy of Science will be inclusive. We will invite, promote, and celebrate scientists from diverse and underrepresented populations. The scientific community will be strengthened by inclusion of diverse points of view and experiences, and we will foster collaboration and alliance in working and social activities of the Illinois State Academy of Science.